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Fourteenth Amendment to the constitution reads
"No state shall.....deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of the law; nor deny to any person within it's jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." Yet every state has procedures that allow for the commitment of persons against their will to institutions for the mentally ill or retarded. The original term for this involuntary commitment was called "civil commitment" The traditional standards for civil commitment were that the person must have been determined mentally ill and  1,dangerous to others 2,dangerous to himself 3, gravely disabled, or 4,in need of treatment.These criteria are broad and vague. In those times any police or family member could could have someone committed simply by obtaining a "certificate of mental illness" signed by two physicians. Fortunately in the last three decades, the legal system has become more attentive to the rights of physically and mentally disabled individuals. Laws and court decisions have tightened the criteria for committing a person to a psychiatric facility.

In our modern times the Involuntary Commitment is abused as much as it was in the past. Fortunately, nowadays there are many agencies and other resources that are readily accessible to individuals that believe that they have been unfairly committed.
It's ironic that the greatest abuse of modern Baker Act laws isn't people being baker Acted against their will. The greatest abuse is how frequently many individuals use the Baker Act as an escape from their daily situations. Many people have actually   found that they get more attention in the psyche hospital than they do in society. For this reason these people will fake mental breakdowns and make feigned suicide attempts solely for the purpose of (for lack of a better description) "having a vacation" in a psychiatric hospital, away from the problems of their daily life. You may think that the hospitals would be aware of this and try to prevent admissions that they believe are faking their mental illnesses, but the fact is that those same hospitals will support these behaviors for the benefit of the hospital, that is, the higher the census on the ward, the greater revenue that the hospital earns!

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